3 Sophisticated Features of Six Watch Winder You Might Want


With several automatic watches that will be stored in a six watch winder, you might want more than just a regular watch winder. Since every watch has a specific requirement, you might want to get these sophisticated features in your watch winder.

Rotors with Individual Programs

What if all of your six slots in your watch winder can only have one program to keep your watch running? You have to remember that not every automatic watch is the same. Each one has a specific requirement of rotation. Even different products from the same brands can also have different requirements. You have to follow the requirement when using the watch winder.

That is why it must be best to choose the six watch winder that comes with rotors that can have individual programs. Each rotor must be programmed according to the watch model. If there are slots unused, you can simply disable the program. This way, your automatic watch can be kept running accurately.


Since the automatic watch is very precious and has specific requirements, you have to make sure that the watch winder can find compatibility when it is stored in the watch winder box. More winding programs will be better for sure. It will be so much better if it is also completed with the LCD with the touch control for programming the rotors.

Quiet Rotors

Last but not least, you will be very delighted if the rotors of your watch winder can be kept quiet when running. Well, the mechanism for running the watch in the watch winder can be pretty noisy if you choose a lower-quality watch winder. It will be a great noise that can ruin your sleep especially if you put the box in your bedroom. You need to consider this aspect as well when looking for the best six watch winder.

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