All You Need to Know about Personalised Watch Winder


Are you considering getting a personalised watch winder? Before you place your order, make sure you understand the following things first. 

It Is Mostly About the Style

So, why do you want to purchase a customized watch winder? If you want something that screams your personality, then you are making the right choice. Custom winder case is mostly about the style. You have the freedom to choose any materials you like, how big the case is going to be, how many winding modules it has, and what you want to engrave on the box. This is something that you cannot get from a store-bought watch winder. 

It Is Not Always Expensive

Contrary to popular belief, personalised watch winder is not always expensive. Many people think it is because customized items tend to be more expensive. But it is a different story in the world of watch winder.  

You can easily adjust your budget with the features and materials you want in your watch winder. Even though it certainly will be more expensive compared to winders with low-end features, it is not pricier than luxury watch winders produced by famous brands.

Better Compatibility

One of the biggest questions when someone wants to buy a watch winder safe is: is it compatible with my watches? Well, you don’t have to ask this question if you purchase a custom winder. 

Most high-end winders come with at least 5 rotating and resting modes. The TPD (Turns per Day) also can be set from 300 to 1200. Expensive multiple winders will have different setting in each of its module so that you can put watches from different brands there. However, the cheaper models have more limited features, and this is where you want to be careful.

If you think you can’t find what you need in the market, maybe you will need a custom watch winder. You can ask the manufacturer to only provide features that your watches need. This way, you can save money because you don’t have to pay for features that you don’t use. 

In addition to the rotating modes and TPD, you also want to pay attention to the power supply. It is best to get a winder with dual power (AC adapter and battery). Even though you don’t like to travel with your watches and use AC adapter, there is no harm in getting the dual power supply system for your personalised watch winder.

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