Beware of These 3 Things When Buying an Automatic Watch Winder Australia


You may think that every automatic watch winder Australia is the same, especially due to its rather simple function and mechanism. The fact is that every model is different and you need to beware of at least three things to avoid getting a poor-quality winder for your watch.

Lackluster Program

An automatic watch winder keeps your watch alive because it has a motor that provides the watch with the needed subtle motion. While any kind of motion will work, you should avoid buying a winder that lacks full and flexible programming.

When you buy a watch winder, be sure that it can rotate the watch clockwise, counter-clockwise, and bidirectionally. Some watches may require more than one mode of rotational movement to remain running.


Noise is something to beware of when buying an automatic watch winder. Although it includes a motor, this motor is expected to remain silent.

When you buy a new winder, turn it on and move the device as close as possible to your ear. If you hear some irregular noises, you may want to avoid buying it.

Although noises don’t always indicate poor build quality, a noisy watch winder can be annoying if you want to put it somewhere inside a supposedly silent bedroom.

Limited Power Option

An automatic watch winder is expected to remain on virtually non-stop. Power source thus becomes an issue when you buy it.

Older models usually run only on batteries. These are models that you should avoid because their upkeep can be quite inefficient. Choosing a model that relies only on AC power is also not ideal because it makes the winder less portable.

The most ideal option is to choose an automatic watch winder Australia that uses both a rechargeable battery and a power adapter that you can plug into a wall socket.

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