3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a 3 Watch Winder Box

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A watch winder box is a very important tool if you are an automatic watch collector. More than just a storage box, a winder box works to wind or rotate clockwise, making your watch keep working. Yes, some automatic watches stop moving when they are just put down and not worn for a long time. A winder box can have some types depending on some factors. One of them is based on the number of slots available. While most winder boxes have a slot only, some products provide more. There is also the 3 watch winder box, meaning a winder box with 3 slots. You can choose this one for some reasons as follows.

Having 3 Watches or Its Multiples

So, you have 3, 6, or 9 automatic watches? It seems more practical if you have some products of the 3 watch winder boxes. It makes the boxes can be placed and arranged more neatly as well as it also doesn’t spend too much space. Mainly if they are also well-designed, those winder boxes can even make your collections look more beautiful and aesthetic.


Of course, rather than buying some single boxes, it is much cheaper to buy a box with some slots at once. Indeed, there are still many more factors that determine the price of a winder box. But if you calculate it well, a 3 winder box is more economical. So, if you are interested to buy it for many watches while the budgets are limited, choose this one.

Easier Maintenance

Buying a box with some slots means fewer products to have. It makes the maintenance process easier. You don’t need to spend a long time cleaning and wiping them from the dust or dirt. A winder box may not have a special treatment. But when the 3 watch winder box is clean, it is much better for your watches.

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