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Counterfeit Watch Winder Automatic: How Harmful is It for Your Watch?

Counterfeit Automatic Watch Winder: How Harmful is It for Your Watch?

It is generally agreed that buying a low-quality counterfeit product is harmful, whether for you or the product itself. How about watch winder automatic? Can using counterfeit watch winder harmful for your watch? Well, the answer is yes. Check out this following list in order to find out how harmful these counterfeit watch winders can be. 


Overwinding is a common issue that can be found when using low-quality watch winder automatic . Overwinding is a problem that occurs due to the watch receiving excessive wounds. Watch winder with excessive wounds can be identified by the lack of adjustability on the winder. The excessive wound might cause the mainspring inside your mechanical watch to wear out. Some high-end mechanical watches are equipped with slip clutch which can minimize the risk of overwinding. However, continuous use of this feature will also severely damage your watch. 


Magnetism occurs due to the magnetic field on your watch winder’s electric motor. Some watch winder box manufacturers solve this problem by using high quality motors which produce a small amount of magnetism. However, counterfeit watch winder manufacturers usually didn’t put too much care on this issue, as most of them are more focused on appearance rather than function. Putting your watch in a low-quality counterfeit winder might cause small springs in your watch to become sticky. This later will cause your watch to run faster than it should be.


To avoid those problems, choose the best watch winder automatic that is sold by trusted manufacturers. Ask your desired watch winder automatic manufacturer about the exact specification of their product. Some aspects that must be taken into consideration are turns per day (TPD), adjustability, and motor quality. Avoid buying low-quality counterfeit watch winder automatic cases at all cost. As buying these will eventually break your beloved timepiece. 

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